3 in 1 Anti-slip Floor Restorer

3 in 1 Anti-Slip Floor Restorer

An entirely new technology designed to restore waxed floors to their original or better gloss and durability and making the floor one of the most slip resistant surfaces in the building. It can be used on any floor finish with any speed floor machine. Each quart covers 40,000 sq. ft.


Safety: 3 in 1 will allow you to maintain a slip resistant surface that exceeds UL standards and prevent slips and falls and prevents costly litigation.

Slip resistant: Surpasses CSMA and UL standards. Develops a higher anti-slip coefficient than the base finish.

Cleans: Cleaning is a by-product of the application and the burnishing of 3 in 1, not an extra step.

Restores: Colors look brighter, whites look whiter with the use of 3 in 1.

Polishes: Produces spectacular gloss the very first time it is used …. and the gloss gets deeper with each application.

Protects: The final film resists penetration of dirt and stains, resists scuffs and scratches and greatly extends the interval between the need for stripping.

Saves many times its cost: Eliminates the use of stripper, stripping pads and finish; but most important eliminates the labor involved in their use.


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