Alcohol Free Kleen Card (Dollar Bill Reader Head Cleaner)

Information Sheet

The biggest problem Dollar Bill Readers and Currency Handling Equipment have is caused by dirt. This dirt is originally on dollar bills/currency and is transferred during the reading process. The dirt is made up of lint, fingerprint oils, motor oils, grease, ink, paper dust, metal particles and airborne contaminants. The average downtime for a machine is 70.2 hours. That's almost 3 days of lost revenues, machine downtime, and customer aggravation, and it reinforces the customers belief that machines are not reliable.

The less that you call your Field Service Company, the less your repair bills are going to be, and if you have a Service Contract, the less your monthly and/or annual renewal fee will be. The Alcohol Free Kleen Card may save you literally thousands of dollars!

Our Alcohol Free Kleen Cards are safe and so easy to use that anyone can use them. Simply insert the cleaning card in the reader just like you would a regular dollar bill and the reader heads will be cleaned safely, easily and quickly. They cannot be put in the wrong way, and will not damage any card readers.

Other electronic reader cleaners are available: Credit Card Cleaners, Waffle Bill Validater Cleaner, and Thermal Bill Validater Cleaner.


Download Safety Data Sheet (Credit Card Accepter Cleaner)

Download Safety Data Sheet (Dollar Bill Accepter Cleaner)

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